This Trump Proposal Could Be A Death Sentence For Millions Of Americans With Life-Threatening Illness

President Donald Trump is causing a major stir in Washington D.C. and across the country with the details of his proposed federal budget plan.

Budget analysts have uncovered a truly shocking and deplorable aspect of the Trump spending plan – the proposal would slash millions in support for innovative cancer research, which medical experts say will “devastate” the state of research in our country and drastically reduce our chances of finding miracle cures for the most aggressive diseases.

“Fundamentally, this is so extreme that all I can think is that it’s pushing two orders of magnitude off the grid so that when people come back to less extreme positions it looks normal,’ one leading U.S. cancer expert told the Washington Post.

The Trump administration is once again attempting to undo the major progress achieved by former President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress over the past 8 years.

Last year, Congress passed and Obama signed the 21st Century Cures Act, which was seen as a major milestone in the fight to find a cure for cancer.

The Obama-era program had backing from the world’s top medical researchers. Now those same experts are warning that Trump will turn back the clock on innovation.

Read more, from the Washington Post:

Cancer researchers and advocacy groups are denouncing President Trump’s proposed budget, warning that its 19 percent cut for the National Institutes of Health could cripple or kill former vice president Joe Biden’s cancer “moonshot” initiative and other important biomedical efforts.

The budget blueprint released Thursday did not include specific numbers for individual NIH institutes, such as the National Cancer Institute. Still, the proposed cuts represent a sharp turnaround from the Obama administration as well as congressional supporters, who pressed for more NIH funding in recent years. The Obama White House in particular pushed the moonshot initiative to try to accelerate progress against the disease.

Trump’s budget plan will have a huge negative impact on many of the same people who voted for him – like senior citizens and working-class families who cannot afford high-quality medical care under the current system.

Now millions of Americans are learning that they were basically tricked into voting for Trump.

America should be a leader in scientific innovation and medical research. We have some of the most brilliant minds in the whole world, working every day to find a cure for some of the worst diseases facing mankind.

Unfortunately, Trump and his team of corporate operatives don’t care about that – they only care about making themselves richer!

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