Europeans Are Mocking Sean Spicer For His Totally Unbelievable Reaction To Infamous Photo-Op Controversy

President Donald Trump was busted showing a huge sign of disrespect to the world’s most powerful woman and now people all over the world are asking the president for an answer.

Trump hosted a meeting in Washington D.C. with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. During a photo opp with members of the media, Trump is seen snubbing Merkel’s request to to shake hands.

The fiasco was captured on camera and was seen around the world as a major misstep for Trump. Over the weekend, for the first time, Americans and Germans finally heard from the Trump administration over the incident.

Germany is one of the world’s most rich and powerful nation’s and Germans are taking on a leading role in the European Union. Amidst the nationalist political takeovers in Britain and the U.S., many have said Merkel is now “the leader of the free world.”

The latest incident is more concrete proof that Trump doesn’t respect women, especially women with power.

The Trump administration finally offered a response to the new criticism this week, telling a major European newspaper that Trump simply didn’t hear Merkel’s request for a handshake.

The major German newspaper Der Spiegel reports:

At a photo conference in the Oval Office, Donald Trump did not shake the¬†Chancellor’s hand. Many observers thought this was a conscious maneuver by the US president.

What a strange scene: Angela Merkel sits with Donald Trump at the Oval Office. The photographers call on the two to reach their hands. The Chancellor asks the US President if he wants it – but he does not show any reaction. Merkel looks perplexed and makes a face.

This last Friday’s meeting made headlines worldwide, many observers are convinced that Trump deliberately ignored the Chancellor and simply ignored her question of a handshake. The White House now tries to dissipate this impression, and for the first time commented on the incident.

“I do not believe he heard the question,” Trumps spokesman Sean Spicer told the SPIEGEL.

The whole thing was a misunderstanding – according to the reading in the American government center.

As you can probably tell, the Germans aren’t really buying the Trump administration’s explanation.

Anyone who watched the video can easily see that Trump was well within earshot when Merkel asked to shake his hand.

The only real explanation is that Trump is a disrespectful brat who doesn’t care about keeping a strong relationship with some of America’s most important allies.

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