VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway Just Reminded America Trump Doesn’t Care About The First Amendment

One of President Donald Trump’s most controversial staffers made another round of senseless and scary comments to the media over the weekend.

For the past few months, the Trump team has done their best to keep Kellyanne Conway out of the spotlight. That’s because every time she goes on TV, she makes a stupid remark that draws lots of negative attention.

But Conway got off her leash over the weekend and delivered an interview to Fox News, saying that concerned citizens should stop protesting simply because Trump won.

“Six months after Donald Trump won 306 electoral votes, you have people still trying to make it go away,” Conway reportedly said on TV over the weekend.

There are several problems with Conway’s thought process her.

First of all, it is not even clear that Trump won the election. He lost the national popular vote and there are serious questions over the legitimacy of his votes in several states.

And second, even though Trump is president, he still deserves to be heavily scrutinized by the American public. That’s what our democracy is all about!

“We need to see Trump’s tax returns as a matter of transparency. If we’re going into a tax reform debate, we need to know if what Trump wants to do is going to benefit himself, since he tends to do things that help him and not necessarily others,” one anti-Trump organizer told the media this weekend.


Raw Story reports:

In a Monday interview with “Fox and Friends,” White House counselor Kellyanne Conway begged Democratic leaders to stop the flood of protests that were held over the weekend.

… The Tax Protest was an effort by economic justice groups that joined forces to encourage rallies in 200 cities across the country.

“I would love to hear the new DNC chairman, Tom Perez, Bernie Sanders, the Democratic senator from Vermont, who are going out on the road starting today, and I would love to hear Hillary Clinton, who lost to Donald Trump handily,” Conway continued. “I would love to hear them come forward as leaders of the Democratic Party and tell the people to stop. They have a right to express their First Amendment beliefs but at the same time, violence is not going to get us anywhere.”

One rally in Berkeley, California turned violent as Trump supporters were caught punching anti-Trump supporters.

… In a new poll from the Global Strategy Group, 80 percent of Americans, including 64 percent of Republicans, would like to see Trump’s tax returns.


Here’s the video – Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway’s latest TV interview:

Kellyanne Conway begs Democratic leaders to… by sarahburris

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