Rural Democrats Gives Perfect Response After Republicans Launch $1.2 Million Attack Against Him (VIDEO)

The Republicans are terrified about the possibility of losing yet another historically Republican seat in an upcoming special election.

There’s a vote scheduled next month for Montana’s 1st Congressional District and the Republicans just announced they’re pouring another $1.2 million in to buy TV commercials for the GOP candidate in the race. That announcement comes just a few days after Republicans embarrassed themselves in the Georgia special election for Congress.

The Republicans have been airing ads that are not totally truthful, trying to paint the Democrat candidate Rob Quist in a negative light.

Daily Kos reports:

After their close call with a first-round knockout in last Tuesday’s Georgia 6th District special election, national Republicans are sounding the alarms ahead of Montana’s own May 25 special election for its lone House seat.

The NRCC has added $1.2 million in TV ad reservations, while the House GOP-aligned Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC is airing a new ad that attacks Democrat Rob Quist as part of an $800,000 buy. CLF tries to tie Quist to Nancy Pelosi, skewering him for wanting government-funded health care and supposedly supporting cuts to the defense budget, while they also hit him for his past debt troubles.

In reality, the GOP’s attack ads rely on false information, fueled by the gun industry and their lobbyists.

The Democrat candidate is fighting back with a new and throught-provoking TV commercial of his own.

Daily Kos reports:

In an interview with the Bozeman Daily Chronicle a few months ago, Democrat Rob Quist bragged about his history as a hunter but also noted his support for registering assault weapons, declaring, “They’re only meant to kill people. So maybe there should be some legislation to register those types of things. You register your car to drive, why not register guns?” The NRCC predictably responded with an ad warning voters that Quist wants a “national gun registry.” Quist is up with a new commercial, which features him extolling his 2nd Amendment bona fides and firing his family rifle.

As the candidate loads the gun, he tells the audience how it has protected his family’s ranch for generations. Quist then pledges to protect Montanans’ right to bare arms “because it’s my right too.” Quist then goes after Republican Greg Gianforte without naming him, declaring that he “won’t stand by while a millionaire from New Jersey tries to attack my Montana values.” As a TV plays a GOP attack ad, Quist aims his rifle at the monitor and declares that he “approves this message to defend your rights, but I’m sending this message to defend mine,” before he fires and destroys the tube.

Watch Democrat Rob Quist’s new TV commercial:


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