GROSS But True: Why Every American Should Support Health Care For All

The Republicans’ top priority in Congress right now is destroying the health care system for poor Americans. Their plan to repeal Obama care would leave millions of people without health insurance, and they basically admit they don’t care.

A liberal cartoonist made a hilarious observation this week the shows why every American deserves access to affordable health care and reasonable employment benefits.

The cartoon shows a couple out to eat at a restaurant, but the waiters and chef surrounding them are sick and sneezing. It reads, “Most wait staff don’t get paid sick days … ”

It may be a gross idea, but it’s so true! Republicans don’t want poor people to have basic rights like health care. But in the end, that kind of thinking hurts all of us.

The cartoonist, Dave Granlund, has been turning out hilarious commentary on Trump for months. He’s the same cartoonist who made the brutal Melania Trump cartoon that’s going around the Internet.

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