Fox News Host Turns On Trump & Exposes The Brutal Truth About The Trump-Russia Scandal

One of the most recognizable Fox News hosts went rogue this weekend and started criticizing his colleagues for their coverage of President Donald Trump’s latest scandals.

Chris Matthews, a long-time personality on conservative news TV, snapped during his broadcast this week and delivered a direct rejection of Fox News other coverage recently. Matthews said others at the station are trying to downplay the significance of Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.

Unlike many of his colleagues at Fox News, Matthews told the truth and conceded that there are legitimate questions about Trump and his connections to the Russian government.

“It’s been about Russian collusion from the beginning,” Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth complained. “His critics have tried to make him look not legitimate. And five days after the firing of Comey, the media is still chomping at the bit with hysteria.”

Matthews’ burst of honesty quickly caught interest and applause from around the internet and media.

Raw Story reports:

Fox News host Chris Wallace warned his Fox & Friends colleagues on Sunday that they had gone overboard with their criticism of the media’s reaction to the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Following Trump’s historic decision to fire his FBI director, Fox News programs have aired segment after segment blasting the so-called “media meltdown”.

Wallace tried to be the voice of reason during a Sunday appearance on Fox & Friends.

… Wallace agreed that some of the rhetoric had been “overblown.”

“But I do take exception to the idea that this is hysteria,” Wallace cautioned. “There are some cases there that I shake my head and think that’s over the top. Yes. This is a big story. The fact that we’re continuing to talk about it a week later.”

“This is the first time in history that a president has fired an FBI director who was conducting an investigation that was directly investigating him and his associates,” the Fox News host added. “It’s a big story and I think it’s a legitimate story to cover.”

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