UPDATE: Melania’s Lavish Lifestyle Is Costing Taxpayers Much More Than We Ever Knew

Americans just got an outrageous update about the the expenses taxpayers are covering for the Trump family’s lavish lifestyle.

President Donald Trump and his direct family are expected to cost the New York Police Department more than $42 million by the end of June, according to the latest reports. That enormous sum only represents a portion of Trump’s overall security – it just covers the costs to protect Trump Tower, where First Lady Melania Trump lives.

The New York Daily News reports:

The NYPD expects to shell out $42.5 million by the end of June protecting President Trump, his namesake tower and his family, officials said Monday.

Trump’s one-day trip back to the city earlier this month, his first since taking office, cost the city $1.2 million, deputy commissioner Vincent Grippo told the City Council at a budget hearing.

Meanwhile, the city racked up $7.3 million in overtime bills from inauguration day through the end of March protecting Trump Tower, where Melania Trump and son Barron continue to live, even though President Trump has not been back since taking office. That’s on top of the $23.8 million spent guarding the tower between Election Day and the inauguration.

There are also huge concerns about the costs associated with Trump’s frequent trips to Palm Beach, Florida and his adult sons’ protection while travelling for business purposes.

Fortune reports:

Earlier this month, Congress was aiming to budget over $120 million to cover the the family’s security, $60 million of which would be used to reimburse cities they spend the most time in — mainly Palm Beach, Fla. and New York.

Although President Trump relocated to Washington D.C. after he was inaugurated, First Lady Melania Trump has remained in New York City, living in Trump Tower with their son Barron so he can finish out the school year. She and Barron are expected to relocate to Washington D.C. sometime during the summer, and Barron will begin school there in September.

Read more, from Liberal Speak’s previous coverage:

Disregard for taxpayer money apparently extends beyond Trump to other members of his family.

There has already been talk about Melania Trump’s decision to live outside of the White House and the spending implications that accompany that decision. Now, it is obvious that Melania is more concerned with her own comfort than what many Americans would consider wasteful spending.

It is now known that Melania Trump decided to fly separately this past weekend to meet up with Mr. Trump. It is not entirely clear why it is a necessity for Melania Trump to have separate accommodations.

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