Betsy & Trump Want to Let Schools Discriminate Against Elementary School Children

Betsy DeVos is completely insane, but most people already knew that.

At her most recent meeting with the labor, health and human services subcommittee, DeVos basically flat out said that schools should be allowed to discriminate against students. DeVos really pushed the idea of “school choice” at this meeting and would not even budge when a Democratic Representative asked her if at any point she would step in to protect children that could be discriminated against under more relaxed regulations.

States should have the flexibility to decide whether private schools that accept students with publicly funded vouchers can discriminate any students for any reason. Although Betsy DeVos didn’t say those exact words, that is what she meant.

The Washington Post reports:

DeVos testified before the House subcommittee on labor, health and human services, education and related agencies about the Trump administration’s 2018 budget proposal, which would cut $10.6 billion — or more than 13 percent — from education programs and re-invest $1.4 billion of the savings into promoting school choice.

Both DeVos and President Trump have said expanding alternatives to traditional public schools are their top priority, and during tough questioning from some committee members, DeVos doubled down on that as well as on giving states and local communities flexibility to do what they want with their education programs. It is worth noting, however, that she said recently that people who don’t agree with expanding school choice are “flat Earthers,” people who refuse to face the facts.

…Rep. Katherine M. Clark (D-Mass.) said that one private school in Indiana that is a voucher school says it may deny admission to students who are LGBT or who come from a family where there is “homosexual or bisexual activity.” She asked DeVos whether she would tell the state of Indiana that it could not discriminate in that way if it were to accept federal funding through a new school choice program. Clark further asked what DeVos would say if a voucher school were not accepting African American students and the state “said it was okay.”

…DeVos said: “I believe states should continue to have flexibility in putting together programs …”

It is both shocking and horrifying that the Education Secretary of the U.S. would not step in to prevent discrimination in schools. DeVos has her answer and she is sticking to it, even if it puts the future of America’s children in grave danger. 

How could DeVos be so heartless?

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