“How Do You Know if Trump is Lying?” Letterman’s Advice to America is Blowing Up

One famous former TV host is not afraid to speak out against Trump and his actions.

In a recent interview, David Letterman, former host of the “Late Show,” said everything that America has been thinking about our current president. Letterman called Trump out, flat out asserting that he must not have a soul.

Letterman has spoken out against Trump’s actions before.

The Hill reports:

In March, Letterman… publicly weighed in on the man he called “Trumpy.”

“How do you know if Donald Trump is lying? His lips are moving,” Letterman said at the time. “If we get a president sometime soon who does not have a mental disorder, Twitter will be useful,” Letterman added.

Letterman used to have Donald Trump as a guest on his former TV show. The two seemed to get along just fine, before Trump became the president that is.

RealTime Politics reports:

David Letterman didn’t mince his words regarding Trump in his latest interview with GQ. The former late night host is “sick” of the way Donald is handling the presidency.

Letterman stated, “I’m disappointed that this man is representing me and my country. It makes me sick.”

During Letterman’s illustrious TV career, he welcomed Donald on the show and always enjoyed his company. Letterman isn’t the only one of Donald’s old “friends” who doesn’t like what he’s doing as president.

Letterman said, “No, no reason to regret it…. But we always looked forward to having him on. He was a great guest. He was just a big, wealthy dope who’d come on and we would make fun of his hair. I would refer to him as a slumlord.”

…The retired host went on to say that Donald is a man “without a soul.” He asked, “But now, this goon… I don’t know. He’s demonstrated himself to be a man without a core, a man without a soul. Is there a guy in there?”

It’s hard to disagree with any of Letterman’s comments. Millions of Americans are asking the same question.

Trump’s actions have proved time and time again that he could care less about the average American and what America stands for. During his time in office he has tried to pass an executive order that would discriminate entrance into the U.S. based on religion and attempted to cut life-saving health care for millions of citizens.

It seems that Letterman’s comments can’t be very far from the truth.

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