Trump’s Latest Stunt Officially Reduces the U.S. to “Developing Nation” Status

This is some pretty embarrassing news for America.

Trump recently announced that the U.S. will be withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement and has faced plenty of backlash about the decision. Although India is a so-called “developing nation,” often pointed to as a huge user of coal power, they are now turning to renewable energy and proving Trump wrong. 

The news of India’s efforts come at a time that is extremely embarrassing for the U.S. Trump has just decided to pull out of the Paris agreement which is a giant step backwards for America.

The New York Times reports:

Just a few years ago, the world watched nervously as India went on a building spree of coal-fired power plants, more than doubling its capacity and claiming that more were needed. Coal output, officials said, would almost triple, to 1.5 billion tons, by 2020.

India’s plans were cited by American critics of the Paris climate accord as proof of the futility of advanced nations trying to limit their carbon output. But now, even as President Trump pulls the United States out of the pact, India has undergone an astonishing turnaround, driven in great part by a steep fall in the cost of solar power.

Experts now say that India not only has no need of any new coal-fired plants for at least a decade, given that existing plants are running below 60 percent of capacity, but that after that it could rely on renewable sources for all its additional power needs.

…With India’s power needs expected to grow substantially as its economy continues to expand, its energy use will heavily influence the world’s chances of containing the greenhouse gases that scientists believe are driving global warming.

Much attention at the time of the signing of the Paris agreement was focused on the role President Barack Obama played in pushing India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, to sign. In doing so, Mr. Modi committed India to achieving 40 percent of its electricity capacity from nonfossil-fuel sources by 2030.

It is so shocking to see the differences between Trump and President Obama. Obama was a huge proponent of the Paris agreement and was dedicated to making the earth more clean for the future.

Trump has gone and reversed all of Obama’s progress.

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