Republicans Terrified as Southern Dems Threaten Historic Political Turnaround

It is very possible that a Democrat will soon take over a House seat that has had a Republican strong-hold for a very long time.

Jon Ossoff is a Democratic candidate for Georgia’s sixth congressional district running against Republican candidate Karen Handel. A recent poll shows that Ossoff is taking a slight lead over Handel, which is really exciting for Democrats!

Georgia’s special election is taking place to fill a position that was left by Tom Price who now serves on Trump’s team as the Health and Human Services secretary.

This potential win for Democrats could be the first of many for the upcoming cycle of elections. It is clear that Ossoff has received very enthusiastic support and he is doing all he can to pull a win and reverse the long-hold that conservatives have in this district.

The Hill reports:

Democrat Jon Ossoff is leading Republican Karen Handel by 1 point in Georgia’s House special election, according to a new poll.
Forty-nine percent of voters back Ossoff to 48 percent for Handel, according to the WSB-TV/Landmark Communications survey released Thursday.
Ossoff has lifted Democrats’ hopes to pick off a longtime GOP-held seat in the race to replace former Rep. Tom Price (R), who left to become President Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary.
“This race is neck and neck and our campaign is going to continue to work as hard as we ever have to ensure we don’t send another career politician to Washington,” Ossoff’s campaign said in a statement Thursday.
“With the race tied, it’s important that every Republican take their duty to get out and vote seriously,” Handel’s campaign said in a statement Thursday. “Otherwise, California money could end buying another Georgia congressional seat for the Democrats.”
Early voting for the contest started Tuesday and runs through June 16. The special election over Georgia’s 6th District is scheduled to conclude June 20.
Democrats and Republicans have each spent millions on the campaigns, with the race drawing national attention.
The flood of campaign ads and resources in the race’s final month has made it the most expensive House race in U.S. history.

After all of the terrible mistakes that the Trump Administration has made this year, it is not surprising that Americans want to see a change in Congress.

If Ossoff pulls a win, it could be the first in a chain reaction to overhaul the House!

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