The Trump Team Is FURIOUS Over This Cartoon Of Melania

The Trump team has done its best to cover up the fact that Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, broke U.S. immigration law when she first came to our country as a Slovenian immigrant. The Associated Press reported way back in November that Melania was paid for professional modeling jobs before she was legally authorized to work in the United States.

The cartoon comes from Dave Granlund, a liberal cartoonist who takes on a wide range of issues in his work, including immigration reform, climate change, and Trump’s general abuse of power. Granlund has been publishing editorial cartoons in newspapers since the 1960’s, appearing in the New York Times, ABC News,, and more, according to his website.

Unfortunately, Republicans authorities in the federal government have refused to take a closer look into Melania’s apparent immigration violations. Vox reports:

It is entirely possible that Melania knowingly committed visa fraud; that, in fact, she lied to US immigration officials when entering the country in August 1996 about her intentions to work while in the US. That’s not just an immigration violation but an outright federal crime.

… If the US government really wanted to, it could use the AP’s reporting to launch an investigation into whether Melania Trump deliberately misrepresented her immigration history when she sought US citizenship. It could even try to strip her of it. It probably won’t.

Bad news for the Trump family!

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