Angry Vets Fighting Back After Trump Disrespected Them in a Huge Way

President Donald Trump has proven to everyone once again that he has absolutely no respect for America’s military veterans.

Throughout his political career, Trump has insisted that he supports the vets, but since he took office, he has done nothing but attack and undermine military families. Trump sunk to a new low this week after he banned a veterans group from his Twitter account.

Trump is absolutely unfit to serve – he can’t handle any amount of criticism and he is constantly disrespecting entire groups of Americans, including vets.

Vox reports:

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump crowed, “I love those vets.” So as commander in chief, one would imagine Trump’s Twitter wars would steer clear of offending our nation’s finest — the soldiers and veterans who have served to protect the country.

But when those vets begin needling the president, he’s not keen to engage them, positively or otherwise. Trump’s inability to absorb, deflect, or even respond to criticism in a mature way has resulted in yet another public spat on Twitter — this time with VoteVets, which calls itself the largest progressive veterans group in America, and which Trump blocked on Twitter Tuesday morning.

That’s right. The commander in chief just blocked on Twitter a veterans advocacy organization that lobbies on behalf of progressive causes and boasts half a million military veterans and families as supporters.

Trump is apparently angry because Vote Vets has consistently held him accountable for his words and actions – Trump hates that!

The organization has earned national attention in recent months for its messages directed at the Trump administration.  In one case, the group even ran ads on Trump’s favorite shows to be sure he saw their commercial.

Read more, from Liberal Speak’s previous coverage:

America’s military veterans say they’re “putting Trump on notice” and demanding a full investigation into President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

More and more evidence suggests that the Trump team is connected with Russian special interests and that Russia helped influence the presidential election in Trump’s favor. Thousands of military veterans around the country are saying enough is enough.

Vote Vets is a political organization that supports military veterans. They’re circulating a new advertisement that calls out President Trump and demands answers from the Republican leadership.

Watch the video: Vote Vets demands action on Russia cover-up

1 Comment

1 Comment

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