Trump, McConnell, Ryan are Prepared to BREAK their Promises to Seniors

The Republicans in Washington D.C. are preparing to unleash a plan that will have devastating impacts on senior citizens.

A top member of President Donald Trump’s cabinet appeared before a House committee this week and discussed the administration’s plans to deal with senior entitlement programs like Social Security. During the meeting, Mnuchin openly admitted that the Trump administration is fine with making major cuts to Social Security.

This is a major reversal from Trump’s talking points during the campaign – he repeatedly promised senior citizens that he would not touch their Social Security benefits.

New York Magazine reports:

Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said something of potentially very high significance that received no attention whatsoever. At a House subcommittee hearing, Mnuchin very casually walked away from Donald Trump’s long-standing promise never to touch Social Security benefits.

The exchange occurred more than an hour into the sleepy hearing. Utah Republican Chris Stewart made a plea for cutting mandatory spending, including Social Security. Mnuchin replied, “The president has made clear that on Social Security, that’s not something he’s addressing now, but if Congress wants to review that, obviously that’s within your prerogative.” Mnuchin was not pledging to cut Social Security. Instead, he was deferring the choice to Congress.

… The administration’s promise not to cut taxes had thus been reduced to meaninglessness. It was a mere preference, or at least a putative preference. But Trump has deferred all agency to Congress, which is free to pass a bill opposite his stated position, and Trump would sign it. Congress is apparently a gigantic loophole in every Trump campaign stance. Trump has neither an affirmative role nor a negative role in shaping laws passed by Congress. Congress can write a law as it wishes, and Trump may sign it into law even if it violates his “principles.”

These guys are absolutely deplorable.

They will do anything to score political points and then turn their backs on their supporters at the first chance they get.

Trump’s goal as president is very simple – destroy programs that help everyday people, and hand out big tax breaks and subsidies to the wealthy. Sad!

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