Trump’s New Scandal is Bringing Together Liberals and Christian Conservatives

President Donald Trump has ignited a massive political outcry that is bringing together liberals and conservatives.

The Trump administration’s anti-immigrant agents have reportedly rounded up Iraqi Christians with plans to deport them back to their war-torn home country. In response, Christian advocates and civil liberties groups have joined together to halt the Trump team’s plans.

The Huffington Post reports:

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a class action petition Thursday to protect a group of 114 Iraqis, most of them Christians, who were arrested in Michigan this past weekend and face imminent deportation.

The ACLU wants a district court in Michigan to hold a hearing on Friday where the detainees can describe their fears about what they could face in the war-torn nation, including torture, it said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

“Not only is it immoral to send people to a country where they are likely to be violently persecuted, it expressly violates United States and international law and treaties,” said Kary Moss, the executive director of the ACLU of Michigan.

“We are hoping that the courts will recognize the extreme danger that deportation to Iraq would pose for these individuals,” she added. “Our immigration policy shouldn’t amount to a death sentence for anyone.”

If Trump follows through with his plans to deport these Christian Iraqis, experts say it would be a certain “death sentence”

Vox reports:

Indeed, local area activists and aid groups insist that deportation of Christians to Iraq is tantamount to a death sentence. As news of the arrests reached the community, church leaders and lay people alike were angry and dismayed — and protesters took to the streets to demand their family members be returned.

“Chaldeans have been targeted by ISIS and subjected to genocide, as have other religious minorities,” said Representative Anna Eshoo (D-CA), who is herself Chaldean Catholic of Assyrian descent, in a statement. “Their deportation represents a death sentence should they be deported to Iraq or Syria.”

The community is reeling from the crackdown. “Yesterday was a very strange and painful day for our community in America,” Bishop Francis Kalabat of the Chaldean Catholic Eparchy of St. Thomas the Apostle of Detroit said in a statement on Monday. “There is a lot of confusion, and anger.”

Trump is about to face a major political crisis – Americans of all political stripes are coming together to defeat the Trump agenda once and for all.

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