Brave Democrat Exposes Betsy DeVos’s Corporate Giveaway

This Senator is completely unafraid to call out Betsy DeVos for her latest actions.

DeVos has made committees to work on changing two rules that were set up by the Obama Administration to help college students who are taking out loans for school. Senator Elizabeth Warren calls out DeVos’ plans for what they really are in a tweet on Thursday.

The two rules set up by Obama are the gainful employment rule and the borrower defense to repayment rule which are aimed at helping students be successful at paying back their loans and protecting them from “predatory lending practices.” The fact that DeVos wants to make changes to these rules protecting students proves that she could care less about America’s students.

The Hill reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Thursday accused Education Secretary Betsy DeVos of helping for-profit colleges “swindle” students by “illegally delaying” an Obama-era Department of Education rule.

In a series of tweets Thursday afternoon, Warren said DeVos is making it “easier & more profitable for schools to swindle students while keeping their fraud hidden from courts.”

“Secretary DeVos made it nearly impossible for student cheated by #4profit schools to ever get out from under their massive debt burdens,” Warren tweeted, adding that she’s glad Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey “has announced that she’ll fight @BetsyDeVosED & this illegal delay in court.”

DeVos is establishing rulemaking committees to rework the gainful employment and borrower defense to repayment rules, which were established under the Obama administration. The gainful employment rule would make sure colleges actually prepare students for good-paying jobs that allow them to pay back their student loans, while the borrower defense to repayment rule protects students from predatory lending practices.

…“Students shouldn’t have the pause button hit on their consumer protections, and this isn’t the time for the Department of Education to step back from their responsibility to protect federal loan borrowers,” a spokesman said in a statement.

Warren is an outspoken critic of DeVos. At the beginning of June, she launched “DeVos Watch,” a coordinated effort to ramp up scrutiny of her management of the agency.

It is understandable that Warren would be upset about DeVos’ behavior. The fact that DeVos would put these rules in jeopardy is just another reason that she is unfit to be the Education Secretary.

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