Trump Gets a GRADE F from America’s Most Powerful Business Leaders

President Donald Trump is getting a failing grade as president, according to a group of some of the most powerful business leaders in the United States.

A new survey of corporate CEOs and other business executives shows that more than half give Trump an “F” for his presidency so far, and nearly half of the others would give him a “D.” This new survey represents a stunning rejection of the Trump administration by one of the interest groups that has overwhelmingly supported Republican presidents in the past.

Trump is much worse than previous Republican presidents – he almost no support within the business community. Whatever little support he does have is quickly disappearing.

The Hill reports:

Half of CEOs and business executives would give President Trump an “F” for his presidency so far, a new poll finds.Half of CEOs and business executives would give President Trump an “F” for his presidency so far, a new poll finds.

Another 21 percent of the leaders surveyed at the Yale CEO summit would give Trump’s performance a “D,” and just one percent would give the president an “A,” according to CNN Money.

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, the Yale School of Management professor who led the summit, said the overarching message from CEOs is that Trump has to “stop random 3 a.m. tweets” and “the needless brushfires diverting from the agenda.”

There’s a long list of reasons that corporate America has given up on Trump – one of the most common explanations is that businesses are angry about Trump’s decision to end U.S. involvement in the Paris climate agreement, which could have long-term impacts on the American economy.

CNN Money reports:

80% of those surveyed are CEOs, including Blackstone (BX) CEO Steve Schwarzman and IBM (IBM, Tech30) boss Ginni Rometty, who sit on Trump’s advisory council and Merck (MRK) CEO Ken Frazier, a member of the president’s manufacturing initiative. (Individual responses by each CEO were not released.)

“This was not a granola-eating crowd of Democrat entrepreneurs. It’s a cross-section of the business community, including some who are quite pro-Trump,” he said.

… Earlier this month, Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord sparked an unprecedented revolt by CEOs. Business leaders led by Tesla (TSLA)founder Elon Musk, Disney CEO Bob Iger and JPMorgan Chase boss Jamie Dimon publicly bashed the decision. Goldman Sachs (GS) CEO Lloyd Blankfein even sent his first-ever tweet to slam the move as a “setback” for U.S. leadership in the world.

CEOs surveyed by Yale agree with that sentiment. Two-thirds of respondents indicated that Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord diminished America’s global standing. Another 86% expressed concern about Trump minimizing Russian security mischief.

Trump is a failure!

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