Trump and McConnell Coordinating Unprecedented Secrecy Over Health Care Reform

No one really knows what is going on with Trump’s awful health care plan.

There are multiple groups that are very concerned about the new health plan. Patient groups such as the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association have asked to meet with Mitch McConnell and his office about the details of the AHCA but one of McConnell’s representatives has denied these requests to meet, claiming that everybody is just too busy to meet with these groups.

It is difficult to tell what they are all so busy with, but considering this health bill has been a flop from the start, Trump’s team is probably busy scrambling to put together a bill that would actually pass the Senate.

There has been much division over the version of the health care bill that passed the House and there will likely be HUGE changes to the bill because no one is really happy about the bill as it is.

Daily Kos reports:

Once again, this is not normal. This is not how major legislation is done. The entire health sector—and millions and millions of people who have bodies and thus need health care—is being shut out of Mitch McConnell’s Trumpcare efforts. Whether it’s hospitals or physicians or advocacy groups, they are being as much kept in the dark about what the bill would do as the rest of the Senate is.

This week, a group of more than 15 patients groups—including the American Heart Assn., the March of Dimes, the American Lung Assn. and the American Diabetes Assn.—asked McConnell’s office to meet with them next week, proposing any time between Friday and June 22.

A representative from McConnell’s office told them staff schedules were too busy, according to representatives of several of the organizations.

Dick Woodruff, vice president of the American Cancer Society’s advocacy arm, said even when he and others have sat down with Republican congressional aides, it is often fruitless.

“The Senate staff generally don’t know anything,” Woodruff said. “There are so few people who understand what is going on that having meetings isn’t particularly productive. … This is such a closed process.”

…They’ve been shut out of the process—never mind there being no public hearings, they can’t even get private meetings. They should be raising very public hell about that. And soon.

The AHCA is just terrible and SAD. The Republicans should abandon this hopeless project once and for all.

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