Seniors Citizens Just Got Slapped with an Expensive Bill from Trump & the Republicans

Republicans are constantly trying to target some of the most vulnerable groups in America.

Right-wing Senators are trying to figure out their messy health care plan and it is not looking good for senior Americans. Recently, it was suggested that an ObamaCare cap placed on what insurance companies could charge senior citizens should be raised. Republicans are suggesting that it is okay to charge the elderly FIVE times as much as they would charge younger customers for their services.

This is an outright attack on the aging population in the U.S. right now. Trump is basically saying that older people are expendable, which is ironic considering his own age.

The Hill reports:

GOP senators are trying to strike a balance that’s proving difficult: lowering healthcare insurance premiums for young adults while shielding older people from massive price hikes.

At issue is an ObamaCare provision that essentially caps how much insurers can charge older people for premiums.

Republicans want to raise that cap, saying it vastly undercharges older people for their healthcare services, creating higher costs for younger, healthier adults.

But the GOP’s attempt to rectify that imbalance in the American Health Care Act (AHCA) threatens to make premiums unaffordable for some low-income, older adults, according to the Congressional Budget Office. That’s an issue the Senate is trying to fix as it revises the healthcare legislation passed by the House.
A provision in ObamaCare — known as “age band rating” — says insurers can only charge older people three times as much as younger adults for insurance coverage.

…Many aspects of the plan are still unresolved, including how to handle the age rating bands. But an option, said Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.), is to set the ratio at 5:1 and let states apply for waivers to raise or lower that number.

…“The challenge for us is that now folks in the older categories, in the 60-year-old categories, from there until the time they hit Medicare, they’re worried about a change from a 1:3 ratio to a 1:5 ratio and what that would to do increase their costs,” he said.

It is obvious that this health care bill has numerous extremely concerning problems. The GOP “solutions” always seem to target one group or another, low-income families, women, senior citizens, etc.

It is time for the Republicans to wake up and realize that their health care plan is terrible for America’s future. It is time for a plan that works for EVERYONE!

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