Donald Trump Jr.’s Latest Meltdown Broadcast Online for Everyone to See

The whole Trump family has sunk to an incredible new low.

President Donald Trump’s adult son, Donald Trump Jr., posted harassing messages online this week aimed at comedian Kathy Griffin’s controversial photos that emerged last week. Even though Griffin has apologized, the Trump family just won’t let this thing fade away.

In fact, the Trump family and Trump’s political allies have done much more to promote the controversial images than Griffin ever did. If they had just ignored it, it would have blown over by now.

Distractify reports:

Kathy Griffin, a long time Hollywood figure and veteran comedian, has found herself in a bizarre and troubling situation: she is being incessantly bullied by President Trump and the First Family.

Donald Trump, Jr, a grown man, seemingly has nothing better to do with his time than torment Kathy Griffin on Twitter over a controversial photo depicting a beheaded President Trump.

… This is the first time in living memory that a comedian has been threatened and tormented by a sitting president and his family. When President Obama was in office there was certainly no shortage of offensive effigy photos circulating the internet. Yet the Obamas never stooped so low as to harass the creators of those crass images.

As they say – like father, like son. Neither Trump nor his adult children can control their tempers when they use social media – they are always shooting off stupid and inappropriate messages to their millions of followers.

It is totally unacceptable for the president and his family to launch personal attacks at their enemies. Trump is showing once again that he is totally unfit to serve as president of the United States.

Griffin has already paid the price for her questionable photo shoot – she’s been fired from her job as a CNN commentator.

Yahoo News reports:

US news network CNN has cut links with comedian Kathy Griffin after she shared a photo of herself holding up a fake bloodied head of Donald Trump.

The announcement came after Griffin made a public apology to her followers, admitting that she had gone “way too far”.

The American performer was scheduled to star on CNN later in the year.

In a statement shared on Twitter on Wednesday, the organisation wrote: “CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program.”

Griffin, 56, came under fire after posting the photograph, along with a 12-second video clip, enraging the US president’s own son, Donald Trump Jr.

It’s time for the Trump family to get over it and move on!

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