This Trump Resistance Could Land In Jail For Their Act of Bravery

A growing number of Americans are risking their own livelihoods in order to stand up against President Donald Trump.

They’re called tax resisters. They are activists who refuse to pay taxes as a protest to the government. In some cases, organizers say they won’t pay taxes until Trump releases his tax returns, according to The Guardian:

Robinson, a New York playwright in her late 20s who preferred not to share her full identity because of fear of repercussions from her current employer, has found a useful loophole.

As an artist, she is able to create her own company into which she is paid as a writer and then pays out her own salary, pension fund contributions, agent’s fees and the like.

Not long after Trump was elected, Robinson sat down with her accountant and discussed legal ways to pay negligible federal income tax, instead making extra payments into her tax-deferred pension plan and still paying her local and state taxes and Medicaid and Medicare contributions.

“This is my way of saying to Trump: you think you’re the only one who knows how to use the tax laws to your advantage?” she said.

Tax resisters have existed throughout American history, predominantly within the anti-war movement. Tax resisters can face major consequences, including garnished wages, seized assets, and in a few cases, incarceration.

The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee is the major group promoting tax resistance in the United States and they say they’ve seen a major uptick in interest since Trump took office.

Actress and liberal activist Mia Farrow endorsed the idea on Twitter last month, in response to Trump’s plan to build a wall at the Mexican border:

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