Trump’s 4th of July Gift to Americans? Another Massive Taxpayer-Funded Vacation

Trump is at it again with his ridiculous vacation time.

The President reportedly spent a portion of the July 4th weekend at his own golf club and has very few plans for celebrating Independence Day at the White House. This is just one of numerous golf trips that Trump has taken during his presidency, which is ironic considering his critique of Obama’s trips.

The Hill reports:

President Trump is spending part of his Fourth of July holiday at his golf club in Virginia, making it his 36th day at a golf course as president.

It’s also his 50th visit to a Trump-owned venue in 165 days. The president is known for spending his weekends at Trump properties, including his Mar-a-Lago luxury resort in West Palm Beach, Fla., and golf clubs in Virginia and New Jersey.

His visits to Trump properties prompt ethics concerns over the appearance of promoting his private enterprise, as well as directly bringing venues business.

The social season is over at Mar-a-Lago, prompting Trump to turn to his New Jersey club. He also visited the golf course during a weekend trip in May.

During the campaign, Trump said that Americans should vote for him because he would rarely leave Washington, and he often faulted President Obama for his own frequent trips to the links.

Additionally, Trump’s plans for Independence Day celebrations are much less extensive than President Obama’s, who held huge concerts to celebrate the important day. It seems that Trump would rather spend more time relaxing and playing golf than celebrating America’s independence.

Vanity Fair reports:

On July 4, 2016, the South Lawn of the Obama White House hosted a star-studded patriotic event, complete with the musical stylings of __Kendrick Lamar, Janelle Monáe, and Bruno Mars. President Obama gave a speech in honor of the U.S.O. as the First Lady high-fived fans in the front row. Attendees watched fireworks shoot over the National Mall. This kind of fanfare was pretty common in the Obama White House over the years, where Beyoncé and Blue Ivy showed up at the White House Easter Egg Roll and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were on hand for State Dinners. But just months after the Trump White House’s first Easter Egg Roll suffered disorganization and small crowd sizes, the first Independence Day of the Trump era is not shaping up to be nearly the star-packed, musical event of the Obama years.

How sad! Trump should be ashamed of himself.

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