Joseph Kennedy III Just Buried to GOP Six Feet Deep in Riveting Speech

The modern heir to the Kennedy political dynasty played a major part in ensuring the demise of the Trump-Ryan health care proposal this week.

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan were publicly embarrassed this week when they failed to gather enough support for their health care reform proposal. The bill tanked in epic fashion in part because a core group of brave democrats like Congressman Joe Kennedy stood up and rejected the proposal.

Kennedy, the great nephew of President John F. Kennedy, is currently serving in the U.S. House representing Massachusetts. He delivered a heartfelt defense of the Affordable Care Act, drawing on an experience in his own family.

The Boston Globe reports:

Massachusetts US Representative Joseph Kennedy III Massachusetts spoke out Friday afternoon during floor debate over the House Republicans’ bill to replace the Affordable Act.

While many other Democrats assailed the bill, which will result in more people being uninsured, Kennedy spoke of the importance of having health insurance.

In brief remarks, Kennedy spoke of getting the “call that everyone dreads” five years ago after his wife collapsed at work.

He said his wife turned out to be OK. But “most critically” the couple were lucky to have health coverage so they could focus on her recovery.

In remarks that were similar to an op-ed piece he published in a newspaper Thursday, the Democrat reminded people, “Our health is our great equalizer.”

He said health care was a “commitment our society makes to care for one another in our time of deepest need.”

He concluded, “Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy.”

Kennedy was just one of several key Democrat leaders who were vocally opposed to the TrumpCare plan.

Even though the Republicans are in the majority in Washington D.C., the Democrats have a lot of all-star talent right now and they are proving their ability to make an impact.

Read more, from the Boston Globe:

US Representative Richard Neal, the dean of the Massachusetts delegation, directly criticized the bill. He said, “This bill has gone from bad to worse.”

“They’re asking the American family to pay more to get less,” he said.

Neal said the bill was actually a “$1 trillion tax cut for special interests and millionaires.”

“Millions of middle-class Americans would be worse off while corporations and millionaires reap massive tax breaks,” he said in prepared remarks.

Earlier, on Friday morning, US Representative James P. McGovern had blasted the bill as a “backroom deal.”

“We’re here at the crack of dawn to report out a rule on a health care bill that will push 24 million people off their health insurance, a bill that we’ll be voting on in a matter of hours,” the Democrat said in a hearing of the House Rules Committee, before the committee sent the bill to the House floor.

“I am truly, deeply disturbed by what we’re doing here this morning. It is irresponsible, and it is going to hurt the Americans we were sent here to represent,” he said.

It is safe to say that Trump and the Republican establishment are starting to worry about their changes in the next election! Democrats are ready to fight.

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