Voters Deliver Special Election Shocker in Rural District Where Trump Dominated Just 9 Months Ago

Republicans across the country were shocked this week after a seemingly insignificant special election.

The race for Iowa’s 82nd House District turned out to be Democrats’ biggest political turnaround of this year. In 2016, Trump won this district by more than 20 percentage points over Hillary Clinton. In a massive reversal, the Democrat candidate beat the Republican by nearly 10 percentage points this week.

Political analysts say this small special election is a strong indication that President Donald Trump and Republicans in general are going to suffer huge losses in upcoming elections over the next year and a half, and into November of 2018.

In Iowa this week, Democrat Phil Miller defeated Republican Travis Miller and two additional third-party candidates. It was an unexpected upset that many observers say it an indication of anti-Republican sentiment in the midwest.

The Intercept reports:

The three-county House district had been veering away from Democrats in recent years. After going for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, voters handed the district to President Donald Trump with a 21.3 percent margin over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. Trump took Iowa with 51.1 percent of the vote.

But on Tuesday, the race went handily toward Democrat Phil Miller, who won it by a full 10 points in a special election.

… Miller, a large-animal veterinarian, got 4,020 votes to Republican candidate Travis Harris’s 3,324, according to unofficial results from the Iowa secretary of state’s office. Libertarian candidate Joshua N. Miller received 71 votes, while Edward T. Hee III of the Constitution Party received 58 votes.

Trump won nearly every count in Iowa during the 2016 election, but now his rural supporters are jumping ship and supporting Democrats.

The Republicans poured a lot of resources into this special election, but they still got defeated by the Democrats. Republicans launched a series of dirty attack ads aimed at stirring up politically incorrect outrage among voters.

However, their smear campaign ultimately failed and Democrats won on election day.

As the Intercept reported, “The race took an ugly turn in July when the Republican Party of Iowa targeted Miller with attack ads on transgender bathrooms. As school board president of Iowa’s Fairfield Community School District, Miller voted last year to keep in place a policy regarding transgender students’ use of bathrooms, which was, at the time, mandated by both state and federal law. The Iowa Civil Rights Act has protected against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity since 2007.

This is bad news for President Donald Trump and Republicans all across the country!

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