Here’s What Happens When Trump Supporters Are Asked if They Prefer Obamacare, or ACA

Everyone knows that President Donald Trump’s supporters are what political scientists call “low-information voters.” But a new video clip going viral on the internet takes the ignorance to a whole new level.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live show sent cameras out on the street to find Trump supporters and ask them their thoughts about health care reform. It turns out that most of the people don’t even know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing.

Below: Watch the video and read the transcript of Trump supporters caught on tape.

This has actually become a common occurrence among conservatives Republicans – many of them criticize “Obamacare” just because it has former president Barack Obama’s name in it.

In reality, a lot of them are benefiting from Obamacare’s key provisions and they want to keep those in place.

That’s why it has been so difficult for the Republicans to pass a health care reform bill – they know that many of their constituents don’t want their benefits to disappear.

Here are the highlights from the clip, via Bluedot Daily:

One woman the interviewer approached said that she “doesn’t support Obama so I don’t support the Obama-things he’s got going on.”

“So, you don’t like anything Obama does and you prefer the Affordable Care Act?” he asked her, to which she replied, “Absolutely.”

Another man said he decided to support the ACA over Obamacare because his girlfriend is a Trump supporter, and yet another man brilliantly explained that the difference in the two is that “one you pay and the other Obama pays for you.”

Another man said that “I believe with Obamacare the premiums are too high, so I believe in the Affordable Care Act.”

“So, the Affordable Care Act is more affordable than Obamacare?” the interviewer asked.

“Correct. “Which is obvious because it’s in the name,” the man replied.

Check it out – Jimmy Kimmel Live captures Trump supporters on the street with baffling responses about Obamacare: 


Think about it – these are the people who got Trump elected.

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