Lindsey Graham Just Offered Robert Mueller Protection From Trump (DETAILS)

Key Republicans in Washington D.C. are issuing a bold warning to President Donald Trump.

More influential GOP lawmakers have jumped ship and are now openly launching political maneuvers against President Donald Trump in recent weeks. The latest controversy relates to Trump and federal investigator Robert Mueller.

Trump’s recent public comments about Sessions and Mueller have apparently caused a stir within Republican politics – several top right-wing politicians are now calling Trump out and warning him not to escalate the situation any further.

“If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to pay,” Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a former presidential candidate, said to a group of reporters gathered in the Capitol.

The Hill reports:

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) is warning President Trump that any move to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions will spark backlash from lawmakers.

… Graham added that Trump’s public criticism of Sessions is an effort to “marginalize” and “humiliate” the attorney general. The president’s actions aren’t “going over well” with his former colleagues, according to the senior Republican senator.

Graham also warned Trump against firing special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating any potential connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. Graham warned it “could be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency.”

Another senior lawmakers in Washington D.C., Republican Sen. Charles Grassley, sent out a message to his supporters this week, in which he warned that Trump should not remove Sessions from his position. If Trump does that, Grassley says the Senate will not have time to take up a new nominee.

As CNBC reported, “In a message on Twitter, the Republican senator from Iowa said that ‘everybody in D.C.’ should be ‘warned’ that the Judiciary Committee schedule was already set for the remainder of 2017, and therefore there was ‘no way’ discussions about a new attorney general could be held.”

President Donald Trump is playing a very dangerous game and we the people  are the victims. Under Trump’s rule, the federal government is totally dysfunctional and basic government operations cannot even take place.

Trump must go!

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