BREAKING: Republican Plan Would Give Trump Unprecedented Control of Nuclear Arsenal

Americans have been shocked as Republicans in Washington D.C. make increasingly aggressive maneuvers toward North Korea in the past several weeks.

There’s now a Republican-sponsored proposal in Congress to authorize the Trump administration to use nuclear force against North Korea. President Donald Trump and other leaders in Washington D.C. are taking a hostile tone toward the North Korean government.

Any kind of nuclear incident would likely lead to one of the biggest civilian casualty counts in modern world history.

“It would be very smart if the Congress could come together and tell the president ‘you have our authorization to use military force … as a last resort.’ That would sent a signal to North Korea and China, that would probably do more good to avoid war than anything I could think of,” Senator Lindsey Graham said during a radio interview this week.

As anyone watching the North Korean crisis can see, President Trump is facing an enormous international crisis and he is absolutely not prepared to handle it.

North Korea announced earlier this year that they have successfully tested a new ballistic missile, potentially capable of reaching the United States. That is causing a major stir in the international community, but Trump has no idea what he’s doing, which ultimately puts us all in danger.

The Hill reports:

North Korea claimed earlier this week it launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

Pyongyang claimed the long-range weapon could “reach anywhere in the world.”

… In the wake of a high-profile North Korean missile launch, Kim said his country would “demonstrate its mettle to the U.S.,” The Associated Press reported.

A state media report said Kim told “scientists and technicians that the U.S. would be displeased to witness [North Korea’s] strategic option” on July 4.

Kim “stressed that the protracted showdown with the U.S. imperialists has reached its final phase and it is the time for [North Korea] to demonstrate its mettle to the U.S., which is testing its will in defiance of its warning,” according to the AP.

This isn’t the first time that the North Korean regime has made Trump look like a childish idiot. Read more, from Liberal Speak’s previous coverage:

Trump and Pence are looking to start a war with North Korea.

The United States relations with North Korea are growing increasingly tense as North Korea continues to build and test nuclear weapons and the U.S. continues to insist that this activity needs to come to an end.

The U.S. has been uncomfortable with North Korea’s nuclear activity since it began over twenty years ago, but have since then maintained patience, as Vice President Pence says.

… Trump’s scolding of North Korea and Pence’s more direct statement about U.S. patience wearing thin have provoked a strong response from North Korean leaders, claiming that an attack from the U.S. will start a war.

North Korea has made it quite clear that they are not about to back down.

“The era of strategic patience is over,” Pence reportedly said during his visit to Korea this week. “President Trump has made it clear that the patience of the United States and our allies in this region has run out and we want to see change. We want to see North Korea abandon its reckless path of the development of nuclear weapons – and also its continual use and testing of ballistic missiles is unacceptable.”

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