Trump’s New Travel Rules ‘Designed to Make Your Life a Living Hell’ Coming Soon

New airport regulations being introduced by the Trump administration are likely to anger and frustrate U.S. travellers in the coming months.

Regulators working under President Donald Trump announced this week that they are launching a new series of travel restrictions that won’t make us any safer, but will make it much more inconvenient to fly. One analyst called it “new airport screening policies that are designed to make your life a living hell.”

Among other things, the new rules will ban the following devices during all U.S. flights –

  • laptops
  • tablets
  • e-readers
  • handheld game consoles

Yet again, the Travel Security Administration is handing out overbearing regulations that will not actually improve security – they will just slow down the airports and make it even more frustrating to travel.

But the Trump administration doesn’t care about average people like us. They have their own airplanes!

The Verge reports:

The TSA will now require “all electronics larger than a cell phone” to be removed from carry-on bags and placed in their own separate bin for X-ray screening with nothing on top or below, similar to how laptops have been screened for years. So if you’ve ever gone through security and thought, “Gee, just my laptop, shoes, belt, and coat? I wish I had to remove more items for separate screening,” you’re in luck!

The TSA has been piloting (no pun intended) the new screening policies at 10 airports, and is now ready to expand them to all US airports in the weeks and months ahead. In standard screening lanes, TSA agents will be stationed in front of X-ray machines to verbally assist passengers with the new screening procedures.

Remember when Trump said he would be running the federal government like a business?

What business have you ever heard of was on a mission to make the lives of its customers (AKA the American people) worse off? Because that’s exactly what Trump is doing to America and we have had enough – we aren’t buying it anymore, Donald!

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