U.S. Farmers Sending Out Desperate Plea for Relief from Trump’s Destructive Policies

America’s agricultural industry could see billions of dollars in losses in the coming years as President Donald Trump’s reckless policies unleash destruction on farmers.

Here is the worst impact of the Trump administration’s policies so far – many farms say they can’t find enough laborers to work the fields this summer and fall, and they’re blaming it on Trump’s immigration policies. Trump’s anti-immigration crusade has had a chilling effect on both legal and illegal immigration, even though people from other countries are responsible for important jobs in our economy.

Think about it – without immigrant laborers, we literally don’t have enough people to pick all the fruits and vegetables from the fields. There are reports that crops will go bad sitting in the fields unharvested because of the labor shortage created by the Trump administration.

“It’s absolutely been detrimental to the agricultural community,” said farming leader reportedly said recently. “To be able to continue to grow and harvest the fruits and vegetables, it made it difficult to have day-to-day certainty.”

Revere Press reports:

This is bleak news for America’s farms, many of whom rely on migrant workers to harvest their fruits and vegetables. In many instances, whole fields have been left to rot due to lack of available labor.

… In California, where 9 out of 10 farm workers are immigrants, two counties lost over $13 million.

The Trump administration plans to take their fight against immigrants to an even more extreme level in the coming days, proposing a new policy that is expected to cut legal immigration in half.

According to a Reuters report from earlier this year, About half of U.S. crop workers are in the country illegally and more than two-thirds are foreign born, according to the most recent figures from the U.S. Department of Labor’s National Agriculture Workers’ Survey.

For the past several months, farmers have been warning that this would happen.

Agriculture leaders across America are sounding the alarm about the devastating impact of President Donald Trump’s ongoing war on immigrants.

According to inside sources, Trump recently hosted a closed-door meeting in which farmers said the administration’s deportations and border security projects are threatening the agricultural community’s ability to find workers. Despite those pleas, Trump’s war on immigrants has continued in full force.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, industry leaders from many different fields have warned him about the negative impact of his policies, but Trump has moved forward anyway.

There are huge negative consequences to the Trump agenda and we are seeing them come to light more and more each day.

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