Now We Know the BILLION $ Reason Governor Switched from Dem to Rep Last Week

The governor of West Virginia made international headlines this month when he announced he was switching parties from Democrat to Republican – he invited President Donald Trump to do a big rally and conservatives said it was a huge victory.

However – now we know the real reason Gov. Jim Justice switched teams – he’s going to get incredibly wealthy off of this decision! We have just learned that Justice, who is a coal industry billionaire already, is working out a deal with Trump to cash in on huge federal subsidies for coal.

Gov. Justice will directly benefit from his sweetheart between Trump and the coal industry. This may be one of the biggest political corruption scandals of the Trump administration – we have an elected politician who changed parties in order to advance his own personal wealthy.

It is important to remember that conservatives are constantly complaining about subsidies and tax rebates for so-called “green” energy sources like solar and wind. But in reality, the dirty energy sources like coal and oil are subsidized to a much greater extent.

This is classic Republican politics – totally hypocritical, and only trying to help the mega-wealthy.

He’s really interested. He likes the idea,” Justice – the billionaire coal and real estate magnate – reportedly said during a recent interview with Bloomberg. “Naturally, he’s trying to vet the whole process. It’s a complicated idea.”

The Hill reports:

President Trump is “really interested” in an idea to pay power plants to buy Appalachian coal, West Virginia’s governor said.

Gov. Jim Justice, who was elected last year as a Democrat but switched to the Republican Party last week at a Trump rally, told Bloomberg News that he pitched a $15 per ton federal subsidy for coal-fired power plants to use eastern United States coal.

Justice recently spent some time with Trump and made the proposal before his public switch to the GOP, he said.

… He’s pitching the payments, which would come from the Department of Homeland Security, as a national security issue, saying the country is becoming too reliant on other power sources like natural gas.


They must think we are stupid and that we won’t notice this blatant political corruption.

Nearly every single day since Trump took office this past January, the public has learned of some new evidence in Trump’s political misconduct and financial corruption allegations. His approval rating has plummeted, yet a portion of Americans are still supporting him.

What will it take before every American will wake up and realize that Trump is pulling a giant scam on the American people?

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