Trump is Now Taking a Vacation from His Vacation; He Desperately Wants Out

President Donald Trump is showing obvious signs that he is breaking under the pressure of his job.

Here’s the latest evidence that the Trump administration is crumbling – the president has announced that he’s taking a vacation away from his vacation. That’s right, Trump is taking a weekend detour away from his New Jersey golf club in order to get even farther away from the public eye.

Trump has been staying this past week in New Jersey, where he has been seen golfing. Now Trump is spending a couple days in New York, at his Trump Tower home.

Insiders and experts say Trump is desperately seeking relief from the constant attacks and criticism he has experienced over the past several months.

All of the negativity has obviously taken a toll on Trump’s mental health, which was already very unstable. Trump is increasingly lashing out at people, even those who work for him.

To sum it up, this does not look good for Donald Trump’s ability to serve the rest of his term.

DS Nation reports:

On Sunday afternoon the amateur president will travel directly to Trump Tower, where he will hole up at his old, beloved, three-story penthouse on the 66th floor for three nights after issuing nuclear threats to North Korea.

Then on Wednesday, Trump will go back to his New Jersey golf club, probably because golfing in a penthouse isn’t doable.

… Trump repeatedly criticized former President Barack Obama for golfing and taking vacations but he’s set to outpace his predecessor by a bigly amount of vacation days.

We’re sure that Trump will be met with a massive amount of protesters. The Twitter-addicted ‘president’ is not very well liked in his own city.

Trump has quickly made a reputation for himself as the laziest president in U.S. history.

No other leader in modern politics has taken so many vacations away from the White House. Trump feels a deep need to surround himself with wealthy people who will agree with him about everything. He just cannot take the pressure that comes with being president.

Maybe the time has come for Trump to take a full-time, permanent vacation!

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