Trump Promises to Hunt Down ‘Enemies’ and Destroy the Bill of Rights

President Donald Trump has dropped to an all new low this week – he is now threatening his political opponents.

In the latest controversy, the Trump campaign released a new television ad this week which directly targets anyone who criticizes the Trump administration. Analysts say the new ad is a worrying sign that Trump intends to crack down on protesters and the media.

Trump’s presidency is failing because of Trump’s “enemies,” according to the new campaign commercial.

The President’s enemies don’t want him to succeed, but Americans are saying, ‘Let President Trump do his job,'” the ad said.

Americans are rightfully shocked by this new message – it is extremely disturbing to hear the Trump campaign call fellow Americans their “enemies.”

Trump and his people simply do not care about the truth or about American values. The fact that they think Trump’s critics are responsible for the havoc we are seeing around the country is absolutely ridiculous.

CNN reports:

The day after racially charged violence gripped Charlottesville, Virginia, President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign released an ad attacking his “enemies” for obstructing his agenda.

… The release of the Trump campaign’s new ad comes as the President continues to receive criticism for his statements Saturday in response to the violence that wracked Charlottesville over the weekend.

… Trump declared his intention to run for re-election at the very beginning of his presidency and in recent months has taken part in several campaign events, including holding a $35,000-per-seat fundraiser in June.

The new advertisement was released just days after racist right-wingers initiated violent attacks against minorities during widespread protests in Charlottesville and other U.S. cities. Trump’s new commercial is only going to make tensions rise even more.

Americans are now bracing themselves for the sickening reality that more attacks like the white supremacist outburst in Charlottesville are coming to our communities.

The most infuriating thing about this whole ordeal is the fact that President Donald Trump is largely responsible for the success off extreme hate groups over the past several months in the United States.

Trump has already unleashed irreparable harm onto the United States and its people. It’s time for this long national nightmare to be over and for Trump to be removed from public life altogether.

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