LEAK: Advisers Are Dumbing Down Trump’s National Security Briefings

A new bombshell leak is causing serious concerns about President Trump’s ability to oversee Americans’ safety and security.

The report that surfaced this week suggests President Donald Trump’s staff have to trim and carefully tailor their message so they don’t confuse Trump. Mother Jones reports:

The guidance states that analysts should only include facts that support their analyses, and it explains that topics presented in the PDB will not be covered from different perspectives in separate briefings. That means that dissenting or conflicting views might not be presented to Trump. Obama’s PDB did include dissenting information, when appropriate, according to a former top CIA official with direct knowledge of the PDB.

Presumably, the memo’s guidelines—less material, less nuance, less dissent—were developed in response to Trump’s reactions to the materials he has received.

Apparently, defense and intelligence staff members in the federal government are being told to reduce their reports to a single page and include “lots of graphics and maps,” according to the New York Times.

One former CIA expert says the newest leaks show Trump has, “a short attention span and little ability to deal with ambiguities.”

This is just the latest development in Trump’s dangerous fiasco regarding national security information. Before Trump was inaugurated, he caused national outrage when he bragged that he was smarter than military experts, so he may not even need briefings. During the transition, Trump reportedly only attended about one briefing per week.

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