Trump’s White House Remodeling Immediately Invokes Connection to Nazi Germany

President Donald Trump is facing an outrage after Americans noticed something extremely disturbing in the White House.

The White House recently underwent a remodeling project under Trump’s orders. One of the first things people noticed after seeing photos of the White House is that Trump installed a lot more golden eagles, which was an emblem of Adolf Hitler’s regime in Nazi Germany.

As soon as the new photos of Trump’s White House redesign came out, people immediately noticed all of the eagles and began to raise questions about Nazis (via Twitter):

Administration officials recently unveiled the Trump family’s renovations to the White House and the Trump family spent an estimated $3.4 million of federal money to put in some new wallpaper and carpet.

Can anyone think of something better our government could spend $3.4 million on?

Trump spent more than two weeks away from the White House in order to make room for the remodel. That was perfect for Trump, who prefers to spend his time at his golf resorts, instead of working in Washington D.C.

CNN reports:

President Donald Trump departs for a 17-day “working vacation” at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Friday, and while he’s gone, the White House is getting some TLC.

Just like an episode of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” the minute Trump leaves, workers will begin around-the-clock renovations to the West Wing, including structural repairs to address a ceiling leak, HVAC work and repairs to the South Portico steps on the South Lawn. Additionally, renovations to the Navy Mess kitchen, the West Wing lower lobby, the IT system and generic cosmetic upgrades including fresh paint, carpet and curtains will be completed before his return later this month.

It sounds like there were some legitimate upgrades that needed to be made to the White House, but there’s no doubt that Trump’s wasteful attitude and lavish tastes helped to jack up the price. Shameful!

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