Obama Leads Group of Former Presidents in Powerful Plea for Hurricane Relief (Video)

Americans are remembering once again just how much we miss former President Barack Obama.

America is facing a huge national crisis right now with the extreme weather events across the south. With such a huge lack of leadership from President Donald Trump, former presidents are now stepping up to help with hurricane relief.

Obama and four other former presidents – Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush – are launching a campaign to raise funds and awareness for hurricane victims.

“As the nation carefully watches the advance of Hurricane Irma, the presidents stand ready to expand their appeal to help those affected by that storm,” the five former presidents said in a statement.

See for yourself – here is the new video for hurricane relief, featuring all five living former presidents:

The new coalition of former presidents is reminding Americans once again about how awful Trump is – every time we see these former presidents, it makes us nostalgic – even the Bush’s are better than Trump!!

The Hill reports:

Former Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama announced their “One America Appeal” to help communities affected by Hurricane Harvey.

A video advertisement starring each of the former presidents is slated to air during the first game of the new NFL season Thursday night.

“Hurricane Harvey brought terrible destruction — but it also brought out the best in humanity,” Clinton says in the video.

“As former presidents, we wanted to help our fellow Americans begin to recover,” Obama says.

America simply cannot afford to have such weak leadership right now. We are facing a full-fledged national crisis. With Trump in power, this sadly will not turn out well.

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