Supreme Court Threatens to Take Away GOP’s Power to Hack U.S. Elections

The U.S. Supreme Court just started proceedings on one of the most important issues in American political history.

The nation’s highest court just started it’s new session and the justices have decided to take up a number of cases which could have far-reaching impacts for the American people. Specifically, there are two major voting rights cases the experts say will prove vital for the American democratic process.

  • In Gill v. Whitford, the Court will consider a challenge to political gerrymandering in Congressional elections.
  • In Husted V. A Philip Randolph, the court will consider a challenge to voters being thrown off the voter registration rolls.

The GOP is in for an extremely rude awakening. As we already know, the Republicans have been using dirty tricks for years in order to steal elections. Now they are finally going to get a real challenge from the U.S. Supreme Court.

The New York Times reports:

Justice Ginsburg has singled out one case in the coming term as especially important: Gill v. Whitford, No. 16-1161, which could change the way elections are conducted. Speaking in July at a Duke Law School event, Justice Ginsburg said the court’s decision to hear the case was “perhaps the most important grant so far.”

The challengers in the case, which will be argued Tuesday, are asking the court to rule for the first time that extreme political gerrymandering — the drawing of voting districts to give lopsided advantages to the party in power — violates the Constitution.

Few think partisan gerrymandering is an attractive feature of American democracy. But the Supreme Court has so far never struck down a voting map on the ground that politics played too large a role in how it was drawn.

… The Supreme Court will hear a second case on voting rights in November, that one concerning the lawfulness of Ohio’s vigorous efforts to cull its voting rolls.

Federal laws generally prohibit states from removing people from the rolls “by reason of the person’s failure to vote.” Ohio sends confirmation notices to people who fail to vote over a two-year period and then removes them from the rolls if they do not respond and do not vote in the next four years.

The Republicans are systematically attempting to corrupt our entire government. Now they could just get stopped dead in their tracks.

It’s time for the Supreme Court to strike down these ridiculous policies that are damaging our form of government!

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