GOP Sneak Attack Against Social Security Will Send Seniors To The Graveyard

Politicians and the mainstream media are trying to distract us from some major events taking place in Washington D.C. – President Donald Trump and GOP insiders are reportedly planning a major sneak attack against benefits for senior citizens!

New reports in recent weeks is giving us an insider look at the strategy that Trump and the Republican establishment in Congress plan to use in order to gut the safety net for older Americans. The Republican plan will dismantle special protections for Social Security funding, basically giving Congress the ability to destroy benefits and spend the money on other things.

Our seniors paid for these benefits! Now Trump and the Republicans are trying to steal them away.

Salon reports:

Social Security will become part of the normal budget process, subject to the whim of each Congress as legislators appropriate money for wars and pet projects and their favorite form of fearmongering nonsense: “deficit reduction.”

It is inevitable that the basic contract all workers have with their government — that they will commit a portion of their wages to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act account and will be guaranteed a pension 40 years from now — will be declared null and void. That contract has resulted in payouts to several generations of workers since its inception in the 1930s, no thanks to the Republicans who have consistently tried to find ways to dismantle it.

This report comes from Heather Digby Parton, who is an award-winning liberal journalist. She has been publishing hard-hitting reports about the Trump administration since before he was even inaugurated.

We are grateful to have brave journalists like Heather speaking the truth.

As many have pointed out, destroying Social Security has been a priority for the GOP for many years. Now that Trump is in power, they finally have their chance.

Read more, from Salon:

The Republicans will never give up on trying to destroy the safety net. It’s one of their fundamental organizing principles along with promoting tax cuts.

Other issues may come and go but these two are perennial. And according to the Associated Press, the administration has decided to scrap Trump’s previously announced tax plan in favor of a new “reform” agenda that will accomplish both the dismantling of the Social Security guarantee and the GOP’s cherished tax cuts for the wealthy.

The Trump team is also, unsurprisingly, being dishonest about its intentions. Social Security expert Nancy Altman described this move as a Trojan horse but considering Trump’s ostentatious promises to protect the program, perhaps it’s better described as a garden variety bait and switch. Simply put, Trump and his team are planning to completely abandon Social Security’s dedicated funding stream from the Federal Insurance Contributions Act payroll deduction and pay for the program with general revenue. They will sell this as a tax cut for workers, which is what it will look like on the paycheck.

Just remember this, Republicans – angry seniors will be voting in 2018 and beyond!

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