After Scuffle on Air Force One, Gen. John Kelly Swept Up in Resignation Talk

Internal fighting within the Trump administration is reaching new levels and many now suspect that a top Trump staffer will resign in the coming days.

Tensions have been rising between President Donald Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly, due to a wide range of issues. Inside sources say that Kelly has gotten fed up with Trump’s outrageous behavior, and he’s now threatening to quit his job.

The latest sign of dysfunction within Trump’s inner circle is the fact that Kelly suddenly decided not to travel along with Trump to a stop in Las Vegas recently.

Kelly was scheduled to fly on Air Force 1 with Trump, but cancelled his participation in the trip at the last minute. Many suspect that he is planning to submit his resignation soon.

D.C. political reporter Jennifer Jacobs is tracking the fight between Trump and Kelly.

As you can see below, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is desperately trying to cover up the details, but Americans can figure out the truth.

Kelly has reportedly become one of the biggest critics of Trump adviser Jared Kushner. Kelly is reportedly “livid” over Kushner’s ongoing scandals and he is on a mission to have Trump’s son-in-law removed from his position.

Additionally, Kushner is facing mounting legal troubles of his own – both related to his real estate business, and his involvement with the Russian election hacking controversy.

It is embarrassing for all Americans that we even have to suffer through something like this. No previous president has faced so many accusations of corruption and election misconduct.

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