Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions Threatening to Imprison Millions of Innocent American Citizens

Donald Trump and his administration are intent on reversing progress with the decriminalization of marijuana.

Even though slightly over half of all states in the U.S. have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes and over 10 have decriminalized its recreational use, Trump and his team want to crack down even more and amplify the drug war which has had absolutely no positive outcomes.

“All the anti-drug war has accomplished is to create an incarceral state that imprisons millions of Americans – largely minorities – for petty crimes, tearing communities apart and allowing white elites to profit off of a system of modern slavery.”

The drug war is wasting millions of dollars, without accomplishing what it is intended to. Additionally, millions of Americans are being imprisoned for a nonviolent crime. This is completely ridiculous!

Washington Journal reports:

While the state governments and the general public are rapidly moving towards decriminalizing and even legalizing recreation marijuana use in the United States, the “small-government” Trump administration is intent on putting a stop to it.

President Trump and Attorney General Jeffery Beauregard Sessions III are set to release a report from the Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety next week that doubles down on long debunked links between marijuana and violent crime and calls for tougher sentences for the most minor of drug crimes – growing, selling and smoking marijuana.

Even though eight states have legalized recreational use of the immensely popular drug, twelve have decriminalized the use of pot, and another 26 have legalized pot for medicinal use, Trump and Jeff Sessions are intent on cracking down on pot.

The horrendously wasteful and socially devastating “War on Drugs” has wasted $1 trillion and failed to accomplish anything positive. Americans are dying from opioid overdoses at a higher rate than ever before thanks to pharmaceutical companies flooding the nation with legal and immensely powerful painkillers, getting people hooked and forcing them to turn to drugs like heroin and fentanyl to get a fix.

…The American prison system currently holds 2,220,300 adults and 54,000 children, while some 7 million Americans are under some kind of correctional supervision – levels on par with the gulags of Stalinism. 40% of those prisoners are black Americans even though they are only 13% of the American population.

The statistics prove that the drug war is racist, yet Trump and his team are continuing to push for it.

The war on drugs needs to end now!

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