Trump Running a Diversion While Jeff Sessions Plans ‘Explosive’ Attack

President Donald Trump has been drawing more attention to himself than usual these days and now we know why.

Trump is attempting to distract the media and the American people from the upcoming attack being planned by Attorney General Jeff Sessions – insiders say he will soon unleash plans that will empower and defend neo-Nazis and other radical hate groups.

The Department of Justice under Trump and Sessions will reportedly introduce a new set of policies and protocols that will make it easier for literal Nazis to spread their hateful messages in the open and make violent threats against anyone they don’t like.

It is not a stretch to say that Trump and Sessions are basically siding with domestic terrorists. The worst thing of all is that they’re attempting to cram it down Americans’ throats by calling it “free speech.”

What Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions do not realize is that the First Amendment doesn’t allow you to physically intimidate and attack your fellow Americans with the use of violence. That’s why these idiots have defended the hate groups at every step of the way.

Sessions will reportedly travel to Georgetown University this week to deliver a major speech about so-called “free speech” issues, and he’s expected to announce new protections for radical right-wing groups.

Washington D.C. journalist Jonathan Swan wrote in Axios, “In this hyper-tense political climate, Sessions’ speech could be explosive. The Attorney General is already a lightning rod for progressive protests.”

Read more, from Axios:

Trump isn’t the only member of his administration fighting a culture war this week; his Attorney General Jeff Sessions will make a “free speech on campus address” on Tuesday at Georgetown University law school in D.C. It’s going to get testy.

A source close to Sessions tells me the AG will tell the students:

“Whereas the American university was once the center of academic freedom — a place of robust debate, a forum for the competition of ideas — it is transforming into an echo chamber of political correctness and homogenous thought, a shelter for fragile egos.”

We all need to be paying very close attention as this issue develops. We cannot allow tyrants like Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions to hijack our democracy and distort the Bill of Rights!

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