Joe Kennedy Just Said the Last Thing Trump Ever Hoped to Hear

One of the rising Democrats in Washington D.C. just delivered a shocking warning about President Donald Trump’s ongoing foreign policy crisis.

Rep. Joe Kennedy is drawing attention to Trump’s disastrous actions in the North Korean nuclear crisis. In his latest comments, Kennedy is warning that Trump needs to “be dialed back,” otherwise we could find ourselves in a deadly situation.

“This is really serious and it’s scary,” Kennedy said during an radio interview recently. “It’s a dangerous and very tenuous circumstance. I think the rhetoric being used by the administration and by the president himself needs to be dialed back a bit so we don’t get to a point where a young ruler miscalculates.”

Kennedy – who is the great nephew of former President John F. Kennedy – said the death toll could reach the millions if Trump’s reckless behavior is not corrected very soon.

“I think we are a long way off from nuclear war,” Kennedy said. “I think it’s incumbent on Congress, our president, the world leaders, to make sure we don’t get to that point. The other aspect of this is (North Korea’s) chemical and biological weapons stockpile — you’re still looking at potentially millions of casualties.”

The Boston Herald reports:

President Trump would be wise to tone down his heated rhetoric against North Korea to avoid escalating the conflict with the rogue nation’s erratic ruler, Massachusetts Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III warned on Herald Radio today, as he also advocated to remove sole authority from the president to launch a preemptive nuclear strike.

… Kennedy praised Trump, along with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, for the harsh sanctions passed unanimously in the U.N. last week against North Korea, but noted the oil trade into the country still allows its ships, missiles, and planes to function.

Kennedy stressed the most logical solution to the growing tension is through diplomacy and involving treaty allies such as Japan and South Korea. He also noted that, even without a nuclear conflict, millions of lives could be in danger if Kim Jong-un were to use other weapons in his arsenal.

This young Kennedy is making a lot of Democrats very hopeful for the future – we need a new vision for America.

What do you think – is Congressman Joe Kennedy right about this one?

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