Infamous ‘Undecided Voter’ Ken Bone Comments on Trump & Causes National Outrage

President Donald Trump is getting a harsh review from an unexpected source.

During the 2016 presidential election, a man named Ken Bone became a national media sensation after he was shown asking a question during one of the debates between Trump and Hillary Clinton. Bone was one of the infamous “undecided voters” of the 2016 election and he ultimately ended cozying up to conservative organizations later in the election, although he never admitted to voting for Trump.

Now, however, Bone is putting an end to the speculation about whether or not he supports Trump. He recently made comments to the media that make Trump look like a total idiot.

Overall, I’m very unhappy with what I see,” Bone said during a nationally televised interview with CNN.

Bone continued, “The leader of the free world should probably be focusing a little bit more on the country, and less about crying about fake news. That’s one thing I really, really hate, is when Trump is like, ‘Oh, fake news is at it again. Fake news CNN.’ ”

In many ways, Bone represents a pretty large cross section of American voters. He is a typical white guy, and people like him represent a powerful voting population.

So when even somebody who leans toward the Republicans is starting to come out swinging against the Trump administration, you know it’s bad news for the GOP.

What do you think – do you agree with 2016  ‘undecided voter’ Ken Bone’s criticism of the Trump administration?

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