Four GOP Senators Now Have the Power to Take Down Trump

President Donald Trump has completely lost control over the Republican Party in Washington D.C.

Yet another top Republican lawmaker recently lashed out at Trump, and now several other GOP politicians are following along. Experts say there is now zero chance that Trump can achieve any meaningful legislative goals.

The latest Republican-vs-Republican battle broke out after GOP Sen. Bob Corker slammed Trump in a public statement posted to Twitter. Corker delivered a major jab at Trump, calling the White House an “adult day care center.”

We already know that Sen. John McCain and Sen. Susan Collins are vocal critics of the Trump administration, and we also have Sen. Rand Paul breaking with Trump on several issues.

Now we also have Sen. Corker who is openly criticizing the Trump administration. So all together, there are four Republicans in the Senate who are against Trump. Now there’s no way they can build a majority of votes to pass any of the legislation that Trump is supporting.

After Sen. Corker posted that Twitter message, all hell started to break out all over Washington D.C. We are not witnessing a major battle within the Republican party, and more politicians than ever are starting to bail on the Trump administration.

There is a key reason why all of this is important – the Republicans have a very narrow majority in the U.S. Senate, with only 52 votes. If more than 2 Republicans in the Senate refuse to go along with the Trump agenda, then Trump won’t be able to get anything passed through Congress.


As the New York Times reported, “The president has already seen what can happen with a 52-vote Senate caucus that can be thwarted by the defection of just three Republicans. Until now, Mr. Corker has not been one of the renegades on those high-drama votes that killed Mr. Trump’s health care legislation. By himself, Mr. Corker could make it that much harder for the president to hold a fragile majority on upcoming votes on taxes, among other priorities — and if he emboldens other Republican doubters, it could add to Mr. Trump’s challenge.”

Trump’s control over his own party has totally fallen apart. It’s only a matter of time before he’s forced out of office once and for all.

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