Jimmy Carter Outdoes Trump on World Stage; North Korea Solution in the Works

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is jumping back into the political arena in a huge way – now he’s offering to do President Donald Trump’s job for him.

The most dangerous part of the Trump presidency so far is the fact that Trump and his advisers have no idea what they’re doing with regards to the North Korean nuclear crisis. Now Carter is saying he will step up and negotiate a peace deal, since the Trump administration is apparently unable to pull it off.

Even though Carter has been out of office for decades now, he is still regarded around the world as a highly respected humanitarian and statesman. Americans should be extremely grateful that he’s offering up his help at this extremely important moment in history.

Now millions of Americans are praying that Trump will take Carter up on this offer! If he can just do one good thing as president, this would be it.

The idea of sending Carter to negotiate a peace deal with the North Korean regime is already getting some positive reviews from the world community and from foreign policy experts within the United States. Observers in South Korea are especially eager for a new direction on the North Korean nuclear crisis.

The Korea JoongAng Daily reports:

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has expressed a desire to visit Pyongyang as a messenger between the United States and North Korea, Park Han-shik, an emeritus professor of international affairs at the University of Georgia, said Sunday.

“Carter wants to meet with the North Korean leader and play a constructive role for peace on the Korean Peninsula as he did in 1994,” Park, 78, told the JoongAng Ilbo over phone after meeting with the 93-year-old former president.

Park, a prominent scholar of North Korea-related issues who has traveled to Pyongyang over 50 times, visited Carter, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his work with the Atlanta-based Carter Center, at the former president’s home in Plains, Georgia, on Sept. 28.

We know Trump and his cabinet members are not equipped to manage the situation with North Korea. Hopefully they have enough sense to move over and let someone more qualified handle it.

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