Johns Hopkins’ Top Psychotherapist Releases Terrifying Diagnosis Of President Trump

Americans just got a new round of warnings from mental health professionals regarding the potential dangers of President Donald Trump.

Trump has faced repeated questions about his mental stability and his ability to serve in office. Now a new group of mental health professionals are sounding the alarm about Trump’s obvious problems.

“If we could construct a psychiatric Frankenstein monster, we could not create a leader more dangerously mentally ill than Donald Trump,” said Baltimore psychotherapist John Gartner, who is associated with Johns Hopkins University, one of the country’s top medical schools. He added that the president of the United States is a “paranoid, psychopathic narcissist who is divorced from reality.”

Other top physicians have also joined Gartner is calling attention to Trump’s obvious mental health deficiencies. Oregon Live reports:

  • “He lies because of his sociopathic tendencies that Dr. Gartner was talking about,” Dr. Lance Dodes, a retired Harvard University psychiatry professor said. “He lies in the way anybody who scams people does. [But] there is also the kind of lie he has that in a way is more serious — that he has a loose grip on reality. We can say that because he lies about things that aren’t that important.”
  • “I’ve worked with murderers and rapists, I can recognize dangerousness from a mile away,” New York University psychiatry professor Dr. James Gilligan said. “You don’t have to be an expert on dangerousness or spend 50 years studying it like I have in order to know how dangerous [Trump] is.”

These medical professionals are literally risking their jobs in order to tell the truth to the American people.

Mental health workers have rules against commenting on the mental health of public figures who they have not diagnosed. But in the case of Trump, there is such a vast record of comments and behaviors that these doctors feel comfortable weighing in.

Read more, from Oregon Live:

Despite a professional ethics code that forbids mental-health professionals from diagnosing people who are not their patients, a group of psychiatrists used “an open town-hall meeting” at Yale Medical School last week to sound off on Trump’s fitness for office, New York magazine reports.

… Maybe it is, but that a group of psychiatrists would go out on a diagnostic limb and make such statements about the president of the United States is still frowned upon by the psychiatric profession. Said Dr. Bandy Lee, the Yale psychiatry professor who put together the meeting at the university:

“I’m a pariah in my own department.”

We are grateful for these brave people spreading the facts!

Read more, from Liberal Speak’s previous coverage:

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