Even Rush Limbaugh Says He’s ‘Nervous’ About Trump’s Tyrannical Behavior

President Donald Trump has crossed the line, and now even far-right conservatives are coming out against him.

Controversial right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh released new comments recently that are bringing attention to a dangerous trend within the Trump administration. Limbaugh suggested that Trump’s constant attacks against the First Amendment are setting a very dangerous precedent.

Trump has spent the last several weeks publicly criticizing professional athletes who protest during the National Anthem. Limbaugh – who usually agrees with Trump’s policies – says Trump has gone too far with his anti-NFL rhetoric.

“There’s a part of this story that’s starting to make me nervous, and it’s this: I am very uncomfortable with the president of the United States being able to dictate the behavior and power of anybody. That’s not where this should be coming from,” Limbaugh told listeners during his radio show.

We are witnessing a truly important moment in modern American history – conservative Republicans have started lashing out at Trump. At this point, Trump’s support even among the GOP is quickly evaporating.

Even though people like Limbaugh agree with Trump that people should stand for the National Anthem, they disagree that the president should bully people into doing what he wants.

“We don’t want the president being able to demand anybody that he’s unhappy with behave in a way he requires,” Limbaugh said.

Hate to say it, but you actually have to agree with Rush Limbaugh in this case. Trump has gone too far with his attacks against private citizens.

Trump is wasting everyone’s time focusing on the NFL protests, while everyone knows there are much more important issues our country should be talking about right now.

Americans deserve much better. Right now, we have a giant child running our country and it is putting us all in a very dangerous position. Time for a change of leadership – NOW!


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