Trump NFL Attack Is Not About Patriotism … There’s a $1.7 Billion Personal Reason

Important new details have emerged in the ongoing controversy among President Donald Trump and the NFL.

Trump has spent the last few weeks harshly criticizing NFL athletes, coaches, and managers over the National Anthem protests that have been happening during the past two seasons. Now we are learning that Trump has a much more questionable history with the NFL that we previously suspected.

Details are now circulating about the lawsuit Trump fought against the NFL more than 30 years ago. Trump owned a team in the United States Football League (USFL), and he and other businessmen attempted to sue the NFL in order to set up a merger.

This is classic Trump – he tried to use the government to unfairly grow his own business. It’s exactly the same thing as he’s doing 30 years later as the President of the United States!

Sports Illustrated reports:

[Trump] pushed hard to shift the USFL to a fall schedule, where the USFL—with less talent and less public awareness—would go head-to-head with the bigger league.

… Trump’s plan was typically audacious and risky. Rather than organically grow a new league, he hoped to force an immediate merger with the NFL, which would provide huge returns for surviving USFL team owners. That goal hinged in part on an antitrust lawsuit alleging the NFL was an unlawful monopoly.

But things didn’t go Trump’s way. While the USFL technically won the antitrust case, the jury concluded mismanagement was mostly at fault for its problems. There was no merger and no buyouts. By 1986, the USFL was finished.

The NFL lawsuit ended up being an enormous loss for Trump and the other owners in the USFL, amounting to as much as $1.7 billion.

The lawsuit is raising some extremely important concerns. It should be obvious at this point that Trump has a personal vendetta against the NFL.

It is past time for Trump to get over his petty personal issues and stop ruining our government!

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