Months After Firing, Sean Spicer Still Believes Trump’s Most Outrageous Lie

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is back in the news, and Americans have just realized that he’s just as stupid and corrupt as ever.

Spicer was removed from his position by President Donald Trump earlier this year, after a series of controversies between Spicer and the national media. However, now Spicer is back on the political scene, and he’s still spewing the same exact lies as he did when he was working for the Trump administration.

Spicer became a national joke this past January after he repeatedly lied about the size of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration ceremony. Even though multiple photos and videos showed Trump’s inauguration turnout was very low, both Trump and Spicer told the media that it was the biggest inauguration in American history.

Now that Spicer has been out of his job for a couple months now, he is apparently still clinging to the lie that Trump had an enormous inauguration crowd.

According to a new piece in the Huffington Post, Spicer has been teaching a class on political communications to students at Harvard University. Some of his remarks to the class are now leaking out, giving us an inside look at what Spicer is up to these days.

During a recent class, Spicer reportedly went off on a tangent about the inauguration crowd sizes. He doubled down on his lie that more people than ever watched Trump’s inaugural ceremony.

“I said in the first press conference that the inauguration was witnessed by the most people ever, so I was also talking about social media and online reporting of the inauguration, not just crowd sizes, which are obviously hard to calculate,” Spicer reportedly told students in his Harvard seminar.

Spicer has delivered a number of outrageous statements to the young people in his Harvard class. Even though Spicer worked for one of the most hateful and disrespectful politicians in modern history, he still blames all of the negativity on his enemies, rather than blaming it on Trump.

“A lot of the problems in politics today come from the fact that we don’t take the time to understand each other, and that we should listen first and then protest. If you dialogue with a politician on the other side, you’re seen as a sellout by your own party,” Spicer said.

But Spicer did deliver at least one honest comment to his students – he reportedly told them, “I regret a lot of things. I regret things every day of my life, and I apologize.”

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