Republicans Just Brought Back the Clinton Email Witch Hunt; Will Cost Millions

Republicans in Washington D.C. just unveiled one of their stupidest ideas yet – they are going to bring back their failed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The GOP politicians who control Washington D.C. have spent the past few years wasting taxpayer money on countless witch hunt investigations. Now, Clinton is out of the political scene, but Republicans are still obsessed with trying to tarnish her reputation.

The fact of the matter is that the Republicans are desperately trying to divert attention from their failed legislative agenda. They haven’t been able to accomplish a single thing since they took over the federal government nearly a whole year ago – now they are trying to throw somebody else under the bus, so they don’t look as bad.

Worst of all, the Republicans are expected to spend at least another million dollars on their newest failed Clinton email investigation. Think about all of the resources and staff time that are going to be required for this boondoggle. That’s not something Americans want to pay for with our tax dollars.

The Guardian reports:

As close associates of Donald Trump are questioned as part of congressional investigations into Russia’s election interference, House Republicans announced two inquiries looking back at the Obama administration, including the renewed examination of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The announcements on Tuesday, coming amid private interviews with the president’s personal lawyer and his former campaign digital director, appear aimed at diverting attention away from congressional investigations into potential coordination between the Kremlin and associates of the Trump campaign.

The Republican leaders of the House judiciary and oversight panels said in a statement they were opening investigations into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation and the decision not to prosecute her – the subject of hours-long congressional hearings last year. The Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee, Devin Nunes, also announced a separate investigation into a uranium deal brokered during Barack Obama’s tenure as president.

Americans are fed up with the entire Republican Party right now. It’s time for them to quit playing games, and actually get to work for the American people!

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