Trump and Putin Are Launching Simultaneous Crackdowns on Free Speech

President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are showing shocking signs of a coordinated effort to crackdown on free expression across the entire globe.

Experts say there are startling similarities between the recent tactics being displayed by both Trump and Putin. In both the United States and in Russia, journalists and critics of the government have been facing increasing attacks in recent months.

Russia has a long history of oppressive behavior toward the free press, so this is no surprise coming from Putin. However, Trump has now apparently started to take notes from the Russian regime, and he’s putting those strategies to practice here in America.

Most recently, a radio anchor who has been critical of Putin was found stabbed to death. An attacker reportedly made his way into the radio studio and stabbed Tatyana Felgengauer in the neck.

The Russian government is now desperately scrambling to shift attention away from the attack, claiming that it was just a freak accident.

“From our standpoint, it would be illogical and wrong to color this tragic incident, which actually was a manifestation of madness, with a political tint,” a Putin spokesman reportedly told the state-run Russian news agency.

The Hill reports:

A radio anchor and critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin was stabbed in the neck after an intruder forced his way into the radio station she works at in Moscow, according to a Monday Reuters report.

The victim, Tatyana Felgengauer, was taken to the hospital and placed in a medically-induced coma, but the wound is not life-threatening, the station said.

… The stabbing comes just months after another anchor at the station, Yulia Latynina, said she was forced to leave Russia after being attacked on several occasions, including one instance when the car she owned was set on fire.

International observers say it’s only a matter of time before the Trump administration ramps up its war on the press to the same levels as we are seeing in Russia. These are scary times for the whole world.

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